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  Was established at the request of Lada owners at an inaugural meeting which was held in September 1978 and initially administrated by the then importers SATRA Motors who acted as a clearing house for enrolment, subscriptions and fund management. Whilst the Club was initially administrated by SATRA, it was totally independent of the importers and enjoyed a special relationship with them and their successors, Motor Vehicle Imports, until the end of the importation of Lada cars in 1997.The present day Newsletter published quarterly, helps keep members up to date with all that's going on in the Club and the Lada world in general. Members' input is an invaluable source of technical DIY and tips to simplify the more obscure areas of Lada ownership. We know a man who knows the answers!

 On 21 July 2013, members of the Lada Owners Club of Great Britain (LOC) held an Extraordinary General Meeting to discuss the future of the club. The meeting was well attended and those present could be said to be the central hard-core of the club membership who have consistently supported club events over the last ten years. The discussion was  frank and conducted in a friendly and often jovial manner, Everyone present was well aware that the future of the club had to be resolved during the course of the meeting and that they could be ending a car club that had been in existence since 1978.

  It goes without saying that any thoughts of ending the LOC were not in the minds’ of those present .

  The first option on the meeting agenda, to continue running the LOC as a subscription club run by elected officers and committee as it had done since first founded, was soon seen as a non-starter.  The general feeling was that to run the club this way (as far as the LOC was concerned) had had its day.

  This left us with the only two realistic options which were:-

A] To switch to being an on-line forum based club.

B] To amalgamate with another vehicle club that shared a common interest.  

 In the end, it was felt that the last option of amalgamation, was a step too far as the LOC would lose its identity as the rightful representative club for Lada cars in the UK.

 The decisions made were for the Lada Owners Club of Great Britain to retain its traditional title and become a non-subscription Facebook on-line Forum based car club with free membership for owners of Lada cars and anyone that shares our interest in them. Those wishing to join will have to register and be accepted by a forum admin  to make it a fair and pleasant place for all genuine Lada enthusiasts.

 Through the Facebook page the LOC membership will grow and members will be encouraged to post photos of their cars, shows they attend and be a source of technical information for owners as members share the information they have gained through working on their own cars and use it to help other members.

 The Lada Owners Club welcomes Lada enthusiasts from outside of the UK who would like to join the new Facebook  page.