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November 23rd 2013

Is parting such sweet sorrow?

November 19th 2013

AvtoVAZ plans to launch a pseudo-crossover line

November 11th 2013

AvtoVAZ is preparing to release a new version of LADA Granta sedan

November 9th 2013

Former champion Huff agrees deal to drive for LADA in WTCC

November 9th 201313

LADA Kalina will get new top-end equipment

November 1st 2013

LADA Kalina Sport goes on sale in 2014

October 30th 2013

AvtoVAZ joins a palette of enamels with another "predatory" color

September 30th 2013

LADA Largus will receive an automatic gearbox in two years

September 14th 20123

LADA Kalina will get new top-end equipment

September 11th 2013

Russian car market: Lada sales down, Chinese brands up

September 5th 2013

The poor man's guide to automotive theft-proofing

September 3rd 2013

Drunk Russian damages 22 vehicles trying to steal Lada car

August 10th 2013

Lada Granta Liftback spied

August 8th 2013

AvtoVaz sells low cost Ladas to Europe to test demand

August 5th 2013

Lada Granta Hatchback will be presented in September

August 4th 2013

Mikhail Koslovsky penalised for parc ferme breach

August 1st 2013

AvtoVaz will produce its own automatic transmission

July 31st 2013

AvtoVaz will launch Lada Kalina Sport series in 2014

July 28th 2013

LADA shakes down 2014-regulation Granta

July 28th 2013

LADA Sport LUKOIL tested new solutions for LADA Granta-2014

July 28th 2013

Boycott Russia – Remember it worked with the Lada

July 26th 2013

LADA Sport test for 2014 at Magny-Cours

July 26th 2013

LADA Kalina will get new top-end equipment

July 26th 2013

What happens when you find somebody stealing your gas?

July 24th 2013

Lada takes after Kia by revolutionizing their models

July 21st 2013

Penzance pair to drive to Europe's most northerly point in old Russian motor

July 19trh 2013

Ambulance flips a taxi in crazy russian car crash

July 15th 2013

Latest Lada news

July 12th 2013

Lada Granta topped the June Top 10 best-selling cars in Russia

July 12th 2013

AvtoVaz driven by Kia’s style revolution

June 29th 20103

Lada 4x4 will be painted in a new way

June 27th 2013

New Lada Kalina went on sale

June 24th 2013

Meet the Lada Kalina

June 23rd 2013

Lada Granta has received 15-inch wheels

June 17th 2013

Datsun entry-level sedan to make its premiere at the Moscow International Motor Show this October

June 12th 2013

Celebrities hail Sheffield cabs

June 10th 2013

Speedy Ladas overturn Soviet stereotypes

May 30th 2013

Lada Granta Hybrid could be the world’s cheapest hybrid car

May 28th 2013

AvtoVAZ registers the new slogan "LADA - Full stuffing!"

May 28th 2013

Lada Kalina and Granta recalled in Russia

May 27th 2013

AvtoVAZ resumes the production of LADA 4x4

May 24th 2013

Twin low riders from Mother Russia

May 23rd 2013

AvtoVAZ resumes production of LADA 4x4 off-road vehicles

May 22nd 2013

AvtoVAZ has begun deliveries to Peru

May 22nd 2013

Transmissions from a Lone Star: Bad Cars and Porn Stars, or a Few Words About Ladas

May 22nd 2013

Lada Niva is renamed the Lada Taiga

May 21st 2013

Ex-porn star Sasha Grey resumes trip across Russia in new car

May 21st 2013

Production of the new Lada Kalina commences in Russia; European launch by late 2013

May 21st 2013

Russia Delivers First Lada Cars to Venezuela

May 9th 2013

Watch Jenson Button handling a Lada [video]

May 9th 2013

AvtoVAZ will bring other 85 ELLADA electric vehicles by the end of Spring

April 30th 2013

Former porn star to drive across Russia?

April 27th 2013

LADA Largus van became a sensation of the year

April 14th 2013

Soviet-era Lada cars will get you there … slowly

April 12th 2013

AvtoVAZ began production of LADA Priora with side airbags

April 12th 2013

Russia skips Hybrids in push for cars using natural gas

April 3rd 2013

Russia makes Its own Lada Sandero

April 2nd 2013

AvtoVAZ rolls out new Lada Kalina

April 2nd 2013

Lada is not a racer - Fail [video]

April 2nd 2013

New LADA Kalina will be equipped with solar radiation sensor

March 6th 2013

Lasting Lada love

February 26th 2013

Lada enthusiasts celebrate Soviet made car in Finland

February 22nd 2013

Cars that won't die: Lada Riva

February 22nd 2013

Are you the Lada Granta based Datsun low cost sedan headed to Russia?